auditions for glee

Auditions for Glee

The TV series focus on the high school glee club along with its director, the Spanish teacher Will Shuester played by Matthew Morison. Aside from epic song and dance numbers, the series also deal with sexuality, high school social issues, and relationships.

Details about Auditions for Glee

If you are a certified die hard “gleek” and have an exceptional talent in singing, then you should try your luck in the auditions for glee!

Before the start of every season, the casting crews held a nationwide auditions for glee. Men and women who can sing and dance are welcome in the auditions for glee.

  • You must submit a video of your self while singing. But remember you can only submit once, so be sure that it is your best! Make sure that your selection of song is unique. You will be asked to sing a song from the selected song list, and some of those can be found on the episodes of glee.¬†The songs performed in Glee were all a revival, however they put a new flavor into it to make it sound brand new to the viewers like Smooth Criminal, I’m Sexy and I know it, and Rolling in the Deep. And it is ideal if you can make a song and dance video so you will not only showcase singing.
  • Your tape should not me more than one minute. And within that time allotment, you should already have included some information about you.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, inappropriate (like swearing), and do not appear with anyone else in your video. Any violations and your video will be rejected right away. The Fox also has every right to use your audition tape for what ever purpose they need. So remember, once you have uploaded your video, you don’t have the right for it anymore.
  • Fox is also strict about the age limit. All candidates for auditions for Glee must be 16 to 26 years old only. Younger or older than that will not be entertained.
  • Your video must be submitted on the Glee Myspace page.

Auditions for Glee FAQ’s

What if you don’t live in the US, can you still try out for the auditions for Glee?

  • Yes you can, as long as you are eligible to work in the US which needs for a working VISA.

I am older than 26, but I look younger. Can I still qualify? Are there any exception to the age limit?

  • Candidates should be 16-26 years old. Older contestants, no matter how young they look, are not qualified for the auditions for Glee. After all, it is a high school show and not American Idol.

I’m 15 years old, but as soon as the season starts shooting I’ll be 16. Can I still¬†submit a video for the auditions for glee?

  • You can. But you won’t qualify. So instead of wasting your time and energy, just wait for your sweet sixteen birthday celebration.

One minute is kind of short to include personal statements and sing at the same time. What should you include on personal statements?

  • Start with your name, age, and city. And tell a brief story on how long you’ve been singing and why you want to be a part of the Glee club. Or you can also say in the video on why should someone comment and rate on your video for the auditions for glee.