Nickelodeon Auditions casting for new series ‘The Thundermans’

Nickelodeon Auditions casting for new series ‘The Thundermans’

the thundermans

The Thundermans” is the new show from Nickelodeon which is being directed by Bob Koherr. You know Bob Koherr will do great with teleplays written by Jed Spingarn.  Bob Koherr is the recent director of  Niickelodeon TV Shows like  “True Jackson VP,”  he was a director for Disney Channel that included shows like “Zeke and Luther,” “Hannah Montana,” “A.N.T. Farm,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “The Suite Life on Deck,”   “Jessie,” and “Good Luck Charlie”.

Perhaps this will be your shot to be included in the Thundermans, so find check frequently to learn more about the nickelodeon auditions.

The Thundermans auditions for Nickelodeon are sure to discover some new and fresh talent!

Nickelodeon Auditions Feedback Request

Nickelodeon Auditions Feedback

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