feature film auditions

Feature Film Auditions

According to the British Film Institute, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, and the American Film Institute, feature films are movies or clips that have a run time of 40 to a maximum of 120 minutes. While the Centre National de la Cinematographie in France defines feature films as clips that consumes 1,600 meters of film which is exactly 58 minutes and 29 seconds. On the other hand, the Screen Actors Guild allows a minimum run time of at least 80 minutes.

Nowadays, modern feature films have length of 80 to 210 minutes.

feature film auditionsBefore, “main film” is the term used for feature films that will be presented in a cinema. The term was used to denote the main film from the short films which are presented before the main film. It can be serials, animation, news reals, or live action comedies and documentaries.

Feature Film Auditions for 2012

Although feature films are short clips, it also requires many actors,actresses, and extras to fill the cast of characters. Start your career as a professional actor by going to different feature film auditions. Here are some of the list of feature film auditions you could go to this year!

  • Want to be an actor or an actress but you are more than 30 already? Don’t worry it’s not too late because there’s still a chance for you to fulfill your dream!┬áMad Dog Casting will be holding a feature film auditions. They are looking for aspiring actors and actresses between 30-60 years old. To apply you must submit a resume with a good looking profile picture and your best phone number.
  • “The Hobbit” is looking for film extras and will be conducting feature film auditions early this year. Both men and women that are 17 years old and above and living in Wellington are welcome to apply. But in order to qualify to this feature film auditions, men must be under 5’4″ and women should be under 5′. The requirements for these feature film auditions are 6×4 head and shoulders photo, and another 6×4 full body, plus don’t forget to include your contact details.
  • Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood made vampires popular than ever. You too have a chance to become your favorite supernatural that has an undying eternal youth and super strength.
The Global Vampire Casting Competition is looking for aspiring vampires aged 17-99. Any gender are welcome to apply, and minors should be accompanied by guardians. But first you must submit your best vampire looking photo because these feature film auditions will be shortlisted.

You must be well prepared during feature film auditions so that your chances will not be wasted. Practice lines or monologues form you favorite movies, and listen carefully to the instructions that will be given.
Most feature film auditions do not require a previous acting experience, however it is a plus if you have one. Sad to say not all feature films offer payment, some extras just received an allowance. However it is not bad for a newbie like you. Feature film auditions can be your stepping stone for your acting career.