how to get into acting

How to get into acting?

There are people who are born with a natural talent in acting, but there are also people who are not quite fit for the job.

Acting is a difficult profession. You are given a certain role which you have to portray and make the viewers fall for it. The directors require you to do things that you may never think of doing in your real life such as intense action stunts or steaming love scenes.

Humongous pay checks and being famous are the reasons why so many people are interested in how to get into acting. But what you need to know is, acting is a serious profession, and it is not applicable for camera shy individuals.

Tips on how to get into acting

Starting your acting career can be difficult if you are not born in the family of actors and actresses.  Acting takes lifetime preparation. And here are some tips you could use on how to get into acting:

how to get into acting

How to get into acting tip#1: Make a research about acting and everything about it

Aside from perfecting your acting skills, you should also be aware of the other terms commonly used in show business such as downstage, gobo, etc. And you should also know the roles of the people that surrounds you such as productions, directors, and managers.


How to get into acting tip#2: Enroll in acting classes

Acting classes is a great way to hone your potential skills in acting. In addition, your existing talents (dancing, singing, etc.) are cultivated, since in showbiz people love it when you can do more things other than just act.

Casting crews also make frequent visits in acting classes to search on the next future star. Many of today’s actors like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner were discovered in an acting studio.

How to get into acting tip#3: Get to know actors

Actors love it when they are sharing stories about their humble beginnings all the way to star dome. They are very generous of giving tips so you can start making stories of your own as well.

You can get close to famous actors by volunteering on a movie set. Help the crew set up the set, costumes, and props. You can also ask them to the a movie extra which will give you both experience and additional income.

How to get into acting tip#4: Watch how actors do their thing

Before the camera rolls, the actors internalize their roles and practice their scripts and take note of their techniques.

How to get into acting tip#5: Hire an agent

If you’re really serious about getting into acting, then it’s about time for you to hire an agent. It can be difficult to start your career as an actor if you don’t know anyone that can help you. An agent has lots of connections which he can endorse you.

Since most agents earn through commission basis, they won’t have an income unless you land a job. Therefore they take their job seriously to find you a role in either big or small screen.

Those are the helpful tips on how to get into acting.


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  1. Hi Nickelodeon,As you know I am writing because I am really and seriously interested in the acting profession. I am a 19 year old female and my biggest motivation on the nickelodeon scene is Victoria Justice. My biggest concern is that I don’t live in the US,so therefore I am not able to get access to the right materials into training for the profession. I also have never been to plays,only seen them on television,I haven’t been in any plays before and I soo badly want to experience the rush and the adrenaline,the excitement the fun,the joy of being in one. I do understand that it is difficult and it take a lot of hard work,blood,sweat,tears and years into becoming a successful actor. My current talent that I’m working on is Singing which I do on my own with no instruments just vocals. I am willing to be an extra,help set up the stage or doing anything just so I could get a little bit more acquainted with the industry, if only I could get some help in traveling to the US. So my question to you is How I Go About Pursuing A Career That I Truly and Quite Obsessively Want? I really really need some advice Nick. Please e-mail me at my given e-mail or you can check me out on twitter or facebook. I’d be willing to answer any questions you guys pose on me.

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