nickelodeon auditions 2012

Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

For all of you who missed the auditions last year or fail to meet the criteria which the casting crews are looking for, here is your chance to redeem yourselves in the Nickelodeon Auditions 2012.

Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 for Victorious

nickelodeon auditions 2012

Victorious is an American TV series that focused on aspiring singer Tori Vega (played by Victoria Justice). Tori Vega attends Hollywood’s Arts High School, a high school that concentrates on performing arts. Tori always ends up in a screwball situations which became a part of her day to day high school experience.

Since Victorious is all about high school and performing arts, the Nickelodeons Auditions 2012 is looking for a hot new talent who’s age and physique will fit a talented high school student. As of now there’s still no update to when the Nickelodeons Auditions 2012 for Victorious will start, just keep posted on the Nick websites and always be prepared.

Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 for iCarly

 iCarly is another American teen sitcom created by Dan Schneider. Carly Shay created her web show together with her best friends Freddie and Sam, they named it iCarly. The show was filmed at Nickelodeon on Sunset and it was aired in other countries too like Canada and United Kingdom. iCarly was well received by the viewers even in the adult population and appeared numerous times in the lists of “Best TV Series” from 2009 to 2010.

Want to be part of this TV sitcom? Here is your chance to shine! Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 is finding for additional casts for iCarly. They are looking for undiscovered talents and will start their search in Atlanta, Georgia and will work their way to reach out for untapped talents across the United States. Girls and boys between 12-18 years old are encourage to go to Nickelodeon Auditions 2012.

Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 for True Jackson VP

nickelodeon auditions 2012Another teen sitcom on Nick starring Keke Palmer, Matt Shively, Greg Proops, Robbie Amell and Danielle Bisutti. Like iCarly, this show was also well received by the viewers gathering 4.8 million viewers

Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 is also looking for future actors and actresses to join the casts of True Jackson VP.

 Tips For Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

  • Keep posted on Nickelodeon websites about the latest information on Nickelodeon Auditions 2012 to know the schedules and requirements for auditioning. Talent scouts from Nickelodeon go to different places to search for the next big star on the small screen. However some auditions require you to submit videos on the Nickelodeon page.
  • Upon learning the exact audition dates for Nickelodeon Auditions 2012, make your preparations. Never waste any chance of audition for it might be your last. Practice a few lines excerpted from sitcoms of Nick or from your favorite movie.
  • When its your turn to audition, listen carefully to the instructions being given to you. Relax and be your self but at the same time be respectful to everyone. Some auditions will give you 2 minutes to rehearse and internalize on your character, but most will make you read and act on the spot.
  • Nickelodeons Auditions 2012 also set age limits for the candidates depending on the needs of the show. But candidates below 18 years old must be accompanied with their guardian.

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  1. hey guys my name is Majd.i am a male, 14 years old, i am tan skin colored, 5,2 height, weight 119. black hair, brown eyes, i am a honor-roll student since 7th grade, not gay. i lived in Cincinnati,Ohio for almost 4 years and had been looking an acting job,i can sing, i sing at school parties,dances,and sometime i go over to my friends house and we record albums.i had acting experience before i acted in a commercial and i was an extra once in a movie, i had a part for 5 min. i think it was less. i would like to be on nickelodeon because then i will be able to continue my career and become more than i am now. i want to be heard, i don’t want to be know as some kid, i feel like there is more to me out there. i hope u pick me and thanks for reading email is plzzz reply thanks.

    • okay,my name is jyrah iam 12 years old born 12-16-99 um,i wanna be a actress singer and model and i want to be on a t.v show iam very talented and can play inoccent evil type roles and can play nerddy type roles and weird and ghetto so yea i would love to be oh victorious because it has alot of singing and thats what i like and i would love to be on how to rock so any time you can write me on facebook at jayy to khutte kelly and i will give my info so you can talk to me about any type of role

      • Hi im Francesca Palmasano 4’9 11 years younge ( i hate saying old )
        im a singer and actress anything you give me i can be my birthday is oct/12/2000
        i would love to be on any of these shows! i have been in a talent show for 2 years singing and i have been in the school play for 2 years too i might join the playhouse near us that my sister used to go too!

    • I luv to act and sing Ive been doing it for 7 years and I’m 13 and I’m 5’2 and I feel like I can make something if myself and acting and singing and dancing is my life I write songs from my heart I am true to myself and I’m very good in acting in comedies action scary and romantic comedy so please help me I really Want my dream to come true and for people to know that I’m not shooting to hight for what I believe in so please help me pursue my dreams.

  2. Hello, my name is Michelle I’m 16 years old and 5’2 tall.I have long brown hair and blue-green eyes. I live in Las Vegas since July 2011 I was born in Switzerland my english is good but I still have an accent. My dream was always be on a TV show I will prove that I can make it. I’m no like everybody else I don’t know why. I love to act but I’ve never been to a acting class. I hope you will send my an E-Mail maybe with some questions. I thank you that I have this change here. Michelle

  3. Hello! i’m alexandra , im 16, and I’m from Peru, im really good at dancing,i have take ballet lessons as a child, over time I started to dance flamenco and Arabic dances, I am very good at acting, i’ve act in many school plays, as the lead role ,i like also to act in my house as practising:)
    I love dancing, I’m not taking private lessons, but that does not stop me, I dance everywhere, school, at home, at the gym, on the street, I also like to sing , I consider myself a very responsible girl, decided, I never give up for anything, I strive always something I want, I don’t know if it is necesary to tell but I’m about get certified by the University of Cambridge, to study a long time in an academy here in peru that has an agreement with the university .
    be part nickelodeon would be something wonderful is what I always wanted .
    I hope your answer.
    best wishes

  4. Hello, My name is Josh and i Hail from Boise Idaho, I’m 19 and 5’9 Lived in Boise for most of my life, but partially in California as well, I really want to be a part of the Nickelodeon Team, especially since i grew up Watching Nickelodeon in the 90’s and to be honest They really were all that, Everyone Tells me that i am a Character, especially because i am so good at Voices, that is what i really want to be is a Voice actor, but to get a start somewhere as Myself wouldn’t be all that bad, i love to Act out, And Role playing for small bits is fun as well, if impressions need to be done, i can do many, and i am willing to learn more in order to hone my skills, I have always dreamed of being an actor of some sort for Nickelodeon, so i will keep my fingers crossed, and hope that i can somehow fit in the Nick world. Thank you for your time and consideration, and hope to hear from the Studios soon.
    Best Wishes and Regards,

  5. Hello, My name is Ashley and I am from Citrus County FL. I am 13, I really think I belong on Nickelodeon because I am a really good actress. When I act I get into it 100%. I LOVE acting with a passion! When I am at school I am always acting. I usually act like the people from Victorious. I love Nick! My biggest dream since I was a little girl was to be on Nickelodeon. It still is. I just really want this opportunity. Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. I Know I was born to be on NICKELODEON because I watched it since I was a baby, LOL:) and because I am from CALI….hahaha…besides the fact that this is my third year in teather at Katella Highschool,I consider myself a good that can get better and turning to be the best actress,I can Sing, dance,and model, Im graduating this year and I REALY !! want to be part of your shows; I am 17 now,weight 115 lb. height 5.8
    I am from a tribe called Rom (benjamites)from one of the lost tribes of Israel,my great-grandparents imigrated to the USA after the Holocaust, born to American parents so all this made me trilingual :) Please consider me for an opportunity in your auditions, Thank You and God Bless You, guys from “NiCk” love ya.
    Katherine Mighay Lopez

  7. Hi! I am 13 and I have brown hair and eyes. I have been performing since the age of nine, but only live stage productions. I would very much like to be in films and tv shows. My personality is so weird, I have people who are always telling me that I am the most random thing on this earth. I love to sing and am currently being trained in voice. In my normal talking voice my voice is a bit lower than other girls, and even though I live in the south I can normal hide my regular accent and talk in the “typical” american accent of a teenage girl. I have a big smile, with an attitude to match. If you contact me I would be able to send you my resume! Thank you for your time!

  8. Hello, my name is Oneida Williams i am 14 years old and the thing that you want to know about me is. That i am black have start black heir and that i love string chess like to sing and dance i have been acting for a year now and that i can play the piano a little bit hope that you pick me have a good day. :)

  9. Hello! I’m Olivia Adams. I’ve always dreamed to be an actor on nickelodeon and I’m looking into acting lessons. I play songs on my violin and on my recorder. I’m also going to play the piano at my school in the fall. I have long brown hair with big shiny blue eyes. I am 11 years old and I’m 4ft.6. I can be sweet, nasty, lovely, easy going, or anything you want me to be. I have the biggest smile in the entire world! I can also model for you and I can do anything. I really enjoy acting, acting is the world to me! I make friends so fast, I have a new friend every sec. I can definitely get along with everyone I’m working with. When you see me, I’ll be the one that stands out in the crowd! Trust me, you should meet me!
    Call me,
    Olivia Adams

  10. Hello,my name is Akiera Jones. I am 13 years old and it has been a dream to star in one of my favorite tv shows, iCarly. I love Miranda Cosgrove and I’ve always wanted to sing a ssong I had made with her. I love to sing, dance, and just be me. I had a Disney Channel audition, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. My mother has 6 kids and she just couln’t do it. Please accept me It is a dream to meet Justin Bieber and Miranda Cosgrove. Please take the time to read this and come to your senses.

  11. Hello,my name is lajzunai lomax and I am 15 years old.I grew up on watching nickeloden.I always wanted to star in one of nickeloden tv shows.I have been taking acting classes for a while now and I’m getting good at it.Acting has been my dream for the longest now and I enjoy making people laugh and standing up in front of an audience.I am African american with dark drown eyes and i am 5’7.I am from Los Angeles CA.I am so good with different voices and personalities I am a natural born actor. I just hope you take the time out for reading this and I hope I get a call from you guys soon but until then I will keep my fingers crossed.So please give me a call.
    Lajzunai lomax

  12. Hi my name is Victoria
    Height: 5″1
    Weight: 85 pounds
    Age: 14
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    I’m in High school.
    I watch Nickelodeons all the time. I act all the time around my friends. My friends can never tell the difference me non acting and me actually acting. I love to act. My dream is meet Billy Unger, and Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush. I have wanted to act seen I was little. Seen I’m 14 now I’m trying to get into acting more. I dream is to be apart of the acting business. I also love Victoria Justice. I watch her on Zoey 101 and now on Victorious. I love Victoria. I also love Victoria because we have the same name ;). I would really love to get the chance to be on Icarly, and Victorious. Please and Thank you!

  13. My names Ramos and here’s some of the basic information needed to know.

    Full name~ Ramos Balos
    Birthdate~ 10/31/96
    Gender~ Male
    Age~ 15
    Height~ 5’7
    Weight~ 150
    Eye color~ Brown
    Hair Color~ Black
    Skin color~ Tan Brown
    I dont have much experience but i take to it very quickely
    My Passion. The art of acting is one of the few things that truly makes me happy. It makes me whole, and stretches my abilities beyond points that i never thought possible. When i act, i discover a place in which me feel completely at ease. No distractions. Nobody to tell me what you can or cannot do. Acting gives me the power to create and completely control my own world. i am able to set aside reality, and reach deep within my soul to portray my innermost emotions through the eyes of another character. I also can sing a little.

  14. Hi my name is Natalie, I’ve been acting since I was in elementary school and I’ve always watched Nickelodeon since I could talk. And its always been my dream to either have my own show are co-star on a sitcom. And I just love the opportunity to just audition.

    I’m 15 years old, 5’3 1/2 and African-American. For more info please e-mail me at

    ~ thank you

  15. I am 16 years old. Acting is my passion. Its all i ever wanted to do. When i was in school, all my teachers said i am a great actor. Acting is the best thing i can do. It’s my life.

  16. Hi,
    My name is Alyssa,I’m 14 years old,I have light tan skin,light blonde hair,green eyes,I weigh 128,my height is 5,9. I have wanted to do acting almost all my life,I have mostly wanted to sing but I really love acting. It would be a great honor to work for Nick! I would love to do whatever anyone wanted me to do! Hope to hear back from someone!

  17. Hello! My name is Melanie! I am a spunky, 14-year-old girl with chestnut hair and golden brown eyes. I am easily mistaken for a 17-year-old, and that is why I would like to be a part of the Victorious cast! I am an OK singer, but I can act pretty well. I don’t know what else to write…
    I am considered fun/funny to be around, anyways! You can contact me at 704-771-2113 or

  18. Hello, my name is Liz Kruger I’m a undiscovered actress. I’VE been in a community theatre sense I was seve, so it’s very dear to my heart. I am also very serious about acting, but of course I always have fun with it to. I’m a thirteen year old girl of course I’m going to be. I can speak in many different voices and accents. Here is a little information about me: I’m 5’4. I have very blue eyes I get most compliments on them. I love singing, I’m not the most amazing Singer but I do know I can improve and as I get older i I think my voice will improve. I have brown hair a little longer than my shoulders. I have olive skin, in a tan color. I do get mistaken as 15 and I love to talk to people and make myself different. Characters even when I’m in class being myself. If you want anymore information about me please contact the E-mail I put and also Thank you for your time!

  19. Yo! Im Sonya. Im 15 going to be 16 10/6. well I am about 5’1-5’3, I weigh about 96-98 lbs. yeah I’m a sophmore and I am in the swim team. Love to cheer and am willing to train for anything including stunts! yeah so I will be me and not get cocky for and dumb reason but I do have my limits! :) yeah thanks bye!

  20. Name:Sariah Rachel Williams
    Hair color:black
    Skin color:caramel brown
    Race:african american/ Nicaraguan
    I am a fast learner. I love to act and dance. It is my biggest dream to be on tv especially nick. I am very energetic and i love to make people laugh. I am never shy I love being on camera.

  21. My Names Tolani Odeyemi And I Live In UK London And I’m 11 years old Turning 12 Next Month I’m Very Talented I Can Sing Learn Simple Dance Routines And Currently Learn Guitar I Can Learn Instruments Very Quickly I Recently Started Taking Vocal/Singing lessons and I’m A Very Talented Actress I Have Only Just Joined Year 7 and I Have stared In The school Production Bugsy Malone And Appeared In various Scenes I Have Afro Hair And My Skin Is A Brown You Will Find I Take My Acting Singing And Dancing Very Seriously But I’m still a Fun Energetic Person who gets the job Done And Laughs Along The Way I’m Always Bursting Of Ideas I Could Be The Next Victoria Justice Selena Gomez Or Miranda Cosgrove Even The Next Nathalia Ramos! I Have Always Looked Up To Those For Actors and Adore Dan Schneider I’m Confident And Any Role you Give Me I Play Perfectly! Thanks For Reading This

  22. My daughter, Bethany, is 15, has beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and has an amazing singing voice. She has been in several local company plays, including Annie. She was Annie! She has had acting lessons in school and at a professional acting school. Her dream is to be able to audition for nickelodeon. She is gorgeous, 5ft, and dark brown eyes.

  23. Hi,my name is Rheanna and I am a 11 year old Canadian who would love to act.I watch all the Family Channel shows.
    I love acting,singing,dancing,sports,reading and travelling.I do pretty good with my grades(A)and am very responsible.I am tall and slim,5ft 4 and weigh 90 pounds.My Ethnicity is Fiji/Indian and I have fair complexion,wavy black hair and brown eyes.It would be a dream come true to be on any of the shows that I watch and acting with the stars I adore. Thank you

  24. Hi! My name is Natasha, I was born on the 8th June 1996. I turn 16 in June and I am in the process of getting an agent. I have been acting since I was 6 years old and as a result am well accustomed to both performing regularly, learning lines, and developing both my character and my personality. I’m from the UK which unfortunately means I’m quite pale! I have dark brown hair with auburn tints and light blue eyes. I’m 5ft 5 but am not a stereotypical slim girl. Instead, I have curves where they should be and I’m proud of it, too! I love to sing – I’m currently preparing for my Grade 8 – and I also play the cello, piano, and ukulele. I would love to be either on Victorious or House of Anubis because I feel that I could really bring something to either show.

    Victorious: I’m a fun, bubbly girl who doesn’t care what people say or think about her. I’m crazy about music and I’m currently recording my first demo. I love to sing and play music – I’ve been immersed in music since I was little as both my parents have been musical since they were small children as well!

    House of Anubis: I live in the UK but I’m a big history fan! Whereas other girls my age will spend their summers on the beach, I’ll be happily found in London looking at museums or art, or sitting in the woods with my camera. I’m always on the warpath for adventure and I’m not satisfied until I’ve figured out whatever mystery is happening in day to day life!

    I’ve been performing since I was 6 years old but I want to perform for the rest of my life! It would be an absolute dream to be able to show the world what I’m capable of.

    Thank you for your consideration in advance! :)

  25. Hi my name is Amethyst, and I’m 12 ( turning 13 next month ) and I live in Key West Florida. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to audition anywhere further away than Miami, so that’s going to limit the amount of auditions I’ll get, but that’s ok. If I could choose any show to be on from Nick, it would probably be Victorious. I love the music and I love each charecters’ different personalities and how the actors totally rock it! It’s always been a dream of mine to become a singer, but I only just recently wanted to pursue an acting career. I’m not that experienced but I think starting now will help me be a better actress in a few year. I don’t doubt my singing or acting talents, and understand that I can’t get every part I want. I look forward to working with Nickelodeon hopefully. And I can’t wait to see if there are any auditions in Miami

  26. Hi my name is Chutine Wei, I am currently 12 and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am in the process of getting an agent with John Casablanca’s. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I started to act since I was 9. I love to perform and sing. I love music and did take singing lessons for awhile. I play the violin and used to play the piano. It’s my life’s dream to become an actor and a singer as well. I love the show Victorious and love all their different personalities(especially cat’s). I would love to be on Victorious because:

    1. My role model is Ariana Grande and I would love to meet her. She’s the one that made me take acting seriously.
    2. I love music and acting and that’s what victorious is all about.
    3. I have a fun and bubbly personality and doesn’t care what people think about me.

    I would love to be on nickelodeon and especially victorious. I understand that I can’t always get the part I want, and that’s o.k. with me. I am looking forward to working with nickelodeon (hopefully).

    Thank you :)

  27. My name is Ashley Shaw I am African American, brown skin, 5’0, brown hair, dark brown eyes and i have taken beginners acting and modeling classes. I have the drive and dedication it takes to be a professional actress. I believe I could be among the small percent of actors and actresses who makes it in this business I hope one day I will get the chance to prove it.

  28. Hello there,
    My name is Shannon Bale i am from the uk.
    The reason why i want to be an actress on nickelodeon is because it looks very fun. However i have aloways wanted to be an actress i am 14 and can talk various accents while acting. i act all the time when im in my room and at school. Besides this i hope that i can prove im good at what i do.

    Thank you ever so much.

    yours sincerely
    Shannon Bale.

  29. My name is Hannah Dennis and I’m 15 years old. I live in Louisville,Kentucky and in 10th grade. I have some experience with acting. I’ve been in plays and musicals in elementary school and middle school.I’ve also taken Theatre in my freshman year. I’m good at memorizing scripts and lines and I tend to become emotionally invested in any character I’m playing. This may or may not be helpful. I’ve wanted to get into acting in movies and plays rather than plays for a long time.

    Some basic information about me is;
    Height; 5’2
    Sex; Female
    Race; White
    Eye Color; Blue
    Language; English (I’m taking Spanish 2 in my Junior Year)
    Hair Color; Dirty Blonde
    Weight; 145
    DOB; 05/02/1996

    I understand that I’m not the best actress, but I can get better. I understand that I may not always get the parts that I want and that’s okay. The thing is acting is one of the things that I love. I’ve always loved writing and reading and I’ve always made some sort of connection between acting and my writing which is why I love to act. Acting is almost my escape. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

    Hannah Dennis

  30. Hi, my name is Rafaella Muraca but you can call me Ella, I’m 14 years old, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently live in Brazil but even I have relatives who live in the United States. My mother is willing to take me to the U.S. for any audition. I speak english, spanish and portuguese fluently. I’ve done school plays, including plays in english and I do drama classes. Below is some basic information about me.

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 ‘4 ½ ”
    Race: White
    Eye Color: Brown
    Language: fluent English, fluent Spanish and fluent Portuguese
    Hair color: brown
    Weight: 152 lb
    Date of Birth: 30/08/1997
    I understand that I live in Brazil is not a factor that helps me, but as I said, I talked with my mother and we’re both willing to go to the U.S. to do any audition and also if it were the case I get some role we would move to the U.S.. Acting is my passion and my dream since childhood. Thank you for your attention

    Ella Muraca

  31. i live in las vegas , henderson,
    im mexican and philipino
    Race:mexican,and philipino
    Eye color:brown
    Language:english and a bit of spanich
    hair:dark brown
    date of birth:march22,1997
    i just really want this because i really want to help my family out , mostly my mom i just wanna see her happy you know. just please let me get this chance. :)

    Carlos B.

  32. Name: Leslie
    I’m a caucasian female
    Height: 5.7″
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Light brown/blonde
    Eye: Green
    My email was left in the required field.
    I love acting/modeling and it is one of my dreams to one day be a well-known actress. I am fairly good at acting and doing different kinds of accents. I love all of those TV sitcoms and I would have great pleasure if I could star on one of them. Please contact me at my email address if you would like to know more about me (such as my birthdy or where I live in the United States or my age).

    Thank you for your time in advance.

  33. Hello Madam and Sir,
    My name is Sabrina and I have16 . I am passionate about music (I play guitar), dance and particularly by the cinema. I am a serious and joyful girl my dream would be to become an actress and I intend to go after my dreams. I try my luck, I’m in high school and I studied cinema and theater I am bilingual. That is very important for me it’s a chance to prove everyone who said I couldn’t do it, wouldn’t make it, I’m not like some girls who wants to be famous for me is a great opportunity to shall go at the end of my dream
    thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail in the hope of having you interested
    contact me. If you choose me you will not be disappointed I am determined.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you have any information about the cast of the TV series of one direction or other like iCarly please contact me
    Height: 5’8”
    Hair+ eyes: brown
    Wight skin

  34. Hey My name is Chris I am 14 I play Guitar And would love to be in Any of the Nick Sitcoms Because I am an aspiring Teen Actor My dad and I moved to Qatar because of his work But if I got an Audition I would be Able to Fly to the US to Try and make my dream come true I hope that Nickelodeon Would consider me for Auditions

  35. I am 13 years old turning 14 in July and i would love to be in any of the Nick Sitcoms. I have always done school productions and I would love to be a part of the Nickelodeon family. I have brown hair and eyes im tan and my height is 5″2′

  36. My name is Natasha Boganski,I am 18, but I look much younger, I am Russian, Polish and Filipino. I’m young, beautiful, and talented. I am a very professional worker and knows that time is money. I hope in the near future I will work with nickelodeon.

  37. HI my name is Ana Bella Marie you can follow my on twitter @AnaBellaMarie
    I’m 13 but im very tall so i can pass as a 16 yearold Im a really good singer,I’m also a ballerina , and i can act and model im auditionng for x factor but also wanna be on nickelodeon so if your intrested dm me on twitter please and thank you

    -. Love,
    Ana Bella Marie

  38. Name: Hallie Raye
    Age: 15
    Hair: light Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Nationality: American

    About: Hello my name is Hallie Raye, I am 15 years old and I am a singer,musician,song writer, and actor. I have won contests with my violin, done recording work on cds, been on the heartland series, and have been in a band and played shows all over T.N. including a theater show. I can ride horses, model, speak German, and I am great at comedy/ witty parts in acting.
    I am 15 but I can pass as an 18 year old and partly because I am a very mature person.

  39. Hey. My name is Kimberly Kyle. I am 16 years old and I live in the Philippines. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, I’m tan and 5’3 high. I love singing and dancing. I also love to draw and I know how to play violin, and a reorder. as of now I am trying to practice on playing guitar. I can easily memorize scripts and have done role plays at school. I really like to be in nickelodeon and I’m having a hard time to audition here. can someone give me information about the audition thingy? here’s my e-mail: and if you’ll request to give you photos or videos, I’m glad of it. Because I have done many music videos and a trailer, I also have lots of photos :) I hope you’ll give me a chance.. thank you and God Bless!

  40. hi. my name is angelique or angel.i am 11 going on 12 in june.i can sing,dance,and believe that i should start my career at a young a honor student.and i hope someone will see my potencial.

  41. I am a 14 years old actress i love to act sing and model i am hard working and can memorize my lines i been lead roles in alt of school plays im 5,0 black hair and i would love to get any part to any show im not picky my email is please reply back

  42. My name is kiera and im 14 about to turn 15 on 7/023/12. i am 5’5 and a little on the bigger side. i have dark brown hair. I always loved the idea of being an actor for nickelodeon.

  43. Hello, my name is Clifton, I’m 12 years old, I’m 5’3, and I have short black hair. I’ve always loved to act and sing, it was my favorite thing. Music was my life, I know it’s been overused a lot, but to me… it’s my passion. I sing in front of my friends, and in front of my siblings and parents. I’ve won every singing competition I’ve had, and have been the best actor in my school. I sing so much, my family is annoyed with it. If I didn’t have music, it would kill me. I don’t want to be just heard, I want to be felt, I want my audience to believe me in no matter what happens. I want to be me, and I want to be a nickeloedeon actor, maybe if possible a singer. Hear me out, please.
    Thank you.

  44. Hi, I’m Kenny J. I live in West Homestead. That’s near Pittsburgh, PA. I love Nick I’ve watched since I was little. I used to love shows such as Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I am 12 years old and 5 foot 5 inches. My favorite nick show is iCarly. I also get straight “A”s in school. I love music and I love to draw. I am also athletic I play soccer and basketball and I used to play baseball, too.

  45. hi,my name is savannah i am 13 years old nearly 14. I have brown hair to my shoulder,brown eye’s,tallish and slim,
    I like to be on nickeldeon i don’t really watch it.I only watch zoey 101.
    And i don’t have any acting experice tho.
    I am really nice and kind and probley a lot more aswell.


  46. Hi Guys I’m Joshua I’m 11 nearly 12 I know how to sing,dance,rap,play trumpet and clarinet.I watch Nickelodeon alot and i would like an auditions for Nickelodeon and i can act.I live on 33rd Petunia LN Willingboro NJ.Contact me at 215-303-2201.

    Nationality:African America

  47. Hey! My name is Deyanna and I am an inspiring actress. I live in Atlanta Georgia and really hope to be on T.V. I’m 17 years old and an upcoming Senior in High School. I believe that i would make a great actress and I hope that I get an E-Mail from someone. Acting is something that i dreamed of my entire life,and to be able to do that would mean so much to me!

  48. Some basic information about me is;
    Height; 5’7
    Sex; Female
    Race;hispanic Eye Color; brown Language; English and spanglish Hair Color; black DOB; 7/30/1998
    i was born and raised in georgia im 13 and im going into the 8th grade i watch all nickaloden shows and ive always dreamed of acting and i take band and chorus

  49. hi, im daniel and im from england, im 15 and was born on 15th January 1997. at the moment i am 5 foot 9 and weigh around 133 pounds. i have loved acting for a long time and have been trying to get a role for a few years now. i can play various different types of character. i havent got much experience but i am pretty good at acting and i really enjoy it. i am willing to travel for a role. i have light brown hair and brown eyes and have a very light tan. i hope you are able to give me something, thanks.
    my email is

  50. Hi my name is Shalom Thomas i am 13 years old I live in Atlanta, Georgia, I am 5’4 and African American i can sing,dance (ballet and hip hop),and i am teaching myself to play the guitar i have long dark brown hair and brown eyes but i wear glasses.I don’t have a lot of acting experience i have more dancing and singing experience, but i am better at playing more dramatic or comedic characters but i can play different roles to, i might not be able to travel for role a lot but if its in Georgia i can make it. I have a very professional and sophisticated attitude (for my age) when not at work i have a very laid back attitude. if you first meet me you might think i have a stuffy nose but it’s a deaf accent.

  51. Well what can say,you might not read this since its at the bottom.well here it comes,ill start by saying ive ALWAYS dreamed of bieing part of the nick family,i started getting into acting when i h was 7,i used to act out what people in the tv said ,i guess i wasnt a sure i wanted tobe an actor,bur then i was inspired,by victoruia justice,i never thoughr i could be an actor,but she opened my eyes and soul,i van be whatever i want to be an that is bieimg an actor.well wat im tryi mg to say if i was in nick,it would be my biggest blessing <3oh and well im Joseph im 12 soon to be 13 in februarly

  52. Well what can say,you might not read this since its at the bottom.well here it comes,ill start by saying ive ALWAYS dreamed of bieing part of the nick family,i started getting into acting when i h was 7,i used to act out what people in the tv said ,i guess i wasnt a sure i wanted tobe an actor,bur then i was inspired,by victoruia justice,i never thoughr i could be an actor,but she opened my eyes and soul,i van be whatever i want to be an that is bieimg an actor.well wat im tryi mg to say if i was in nick,it would be my biggest blessing <3oh and well im Joseph im 12 soon to be 13 in februarly,im a

  53. Hey ! My name is Phebe Pankey I am 15 years old I live in Winston-Salem North Carolina and I would love to be apart of the Nickalodeon Family. I’ve watch Nick since I was a little girl. Me and my sister would act like we had our own show with a cardboard Tv With the Nick logo on the bottom left corner. I have been in some local plays, I can sing, and I can dance. I am an African American and u would love for my family to look on the Tv and say “That’s my child I’m so proud of her” !
    Thank You
    Love Phebe !

  54. Hi I’m Giselle. I live in Ohio and I sing and act.
    Height: 5’5
    Ethnicity: Mixed(African american and white)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Birthday: Aug. 10th, 1997

  55. Name: Guillermo Ramos
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5″9″
    Weight: 230lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Hair length: Like Beck “Avan Tudor Jogia”
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: Hispanic American
    Languages: English & Spanish
    Perfomance skills: Acting, little Singing, dacing.
    Birthday: 6/29/96

    Hello, My name is Guillermo Ramos. I am from texas and ever since Nickelodeon Started i’ve always felt like i would be apart of nickelodeon’s family. Yes i do belive that nickelodeon is a family. & i would love too be apart of it. I Have been in plays. Like a theater group im in called “Teatro Mexica” our theater group & plays are about to inspire people & help them with there lifes. One of our plays which was on the news and newspaper was about Ladys to get strong and stand up for themselfs, For them to stand up to there beating husbands. i know that each role is special and fits a specific actor. i know its a possibility to pick me or read this. but Thank you is you guys did. Thank You.

  56. Name: Francene Bethune
    Birthday: September 24, 1998
    Born: Jamaica
    Now living: St Louis MO
    School: High school, freshman
    Music: Piano, sing
    Acting: Love to act and be in front of camera and I have taken a lot of acting classes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: Caribbean American
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’7
    About me: Hello. My name is Francene Bethune. I’m a 13 year old that loves to laugh. I have learned to smile through the hard time and laugh when nothing seems right. I love to act. I am not afraid to try new thing. I am loud, & full of laughter and joy. I am not afraid to be myself around new people I am a dedicated and hard worker and I am so committed to do what I have to do very well. I have been taking acting classes since I was 10 I have learn a lot and I would like to put my acting skills to work . I have been in school plays such as
    Guys and Dolls ………….…….. Sarah
    Romeo and Juliet ……………… Juliet
    The Sound of Music ……….. Maria Rainer
    I would feel extremely honored and blessed to be a part of the show. I would be delighted to work with your cast .I would love the opportunity to be on the show. It would be a dream to work on this show. I promise I wouldn’t let you down so if you ever want any pictures of me, or anything like that, please feel free to E-mail me!

  57. HI
    My name is: Anastasia, I am from UK, but it isn’t a problem for me to travell to US.
    I am 13 (11.10.1998)
    I am of white etnicity, my eyes are brown, my height is 5ft8 1/5inches.
    Althought I haven’t professionally acted, I can act really well.
    I am really good at memorizing roles.
    So, I hope that you will consider me.
    Thank you for your time.

  58. I love true jackson vp for a long time I am 11 but turn 12 august 27th I love to act and sing eversince I started watching nickelodeon when I was 2 and I hope you choose me. Brown eyes brownish 5ft2 my names syvaun salters

  59. hello:)
    im Grace and im 13 years old.
    I go to acting camps and have been sense i was 7
    im white, brown eyes and 5″4 about…
    im not professional but i hope to be some day:)
    i can memorize roles
    i can also talk in a pretty AWESOME English accent;)…just in case.
    So ya! thank you:)

  60. Hey guys my name is stephan allot of my friend call me steven , and I love to act, started with drama in primary school and am still doing it all the way, I have done a couple of plays including words for william and constance lingerie, I’ve always watched nickelodeon shows and now that I am almost done with school I would love to be on your show … I’m 1.78m I have brown eyes , brown nearly black hair. I have a good skin tone ,, I have a great physique and I’m very fit, I’m 16 and love to dance and act and I am proudly christian … I speak Afrikaans and English perfectly with some spanish background… Well I don’t know what you guys would think, but I’m a nice guy and I love to work with others and ill hope to hear from you soon!!

  61. Hi my name is Emily,
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    DOB: 11/24/99
    Hight: 5’3’’
    Hair Length: Long
    Talents: Singing, Dancing, ShowJumping (HorseBack Riding), Modeling, Great Leadership Skills, Sales Person- I can sell my image as well as any product.
    2003- Spring 2011 (Ballet) Walnut Hill School For The Arts Community Academy
    2007-2009 (ShowJumping) August Farm
    2009 (Acting) PAC Hairspray Workshop
    2010 (ShowJumping) Shadow Fax Stable
    2010 (acting) Boston Casting’s Nail That Audition Taught By Angela Perry
    2010 TCAN’s Television Workshop Taught By Rex Trailer
    Summer 2011 Boston Ballet’s Summer Dance Program- 5 Week Intensive
    Fall 2011 Boston Ballet School
    2004-2009-2011 Walnut Hill Ballet – The Nutcracker
    2011 The M&M Story (Musical) Lead Singer/ Lead Role at Celebration International Church
    2011 Veritas Christian Academy – Model for Print Ad
    2011 Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker
    Fluent in English and Portuguese (Brazil)
    And Limited Fluency in Spanish
    Lead Singer at JAM Kids
    Choreographer for JAM Kids
    Worship Leader for Children’s Ministry
    3/4 brazillian-1/4 Japanese- Born in Framingham MA USA
    after a couple hours learning the dances…

    Thank you for your time,

  62. Hi,
    My name is Scarlett Hurley, I’m 14 in July 2012, my skills are:
    I’m blonde, I have blue eyes, I’m5feet 5inches, my mum is dance teacher, I can do Hip Hop, R&B,Latin Dance,Sexy Cool, Jazz/Funk and Zumba, so dance is in my blood, when I’m dancing/singing I’m feeling more myself.
    I really would like to be at iCarly or Victorious or others.

    Hope to hear from u soon.
    Thank you,


  63. hi!my name is savanna furgason im in love with singing…but nobody thinks that i could make it!i love to act and sing its just my thing!im 11 years old my birthday is august 30 2000 im in love with victorius justice i think shes really beautiful she always does weird stuff it makes me laugh alot!i would love to meet the and be on the victorius show bye!

  64. Im 14 years old and in african american.I live in ATL.I sing and i also dance. Ive had some dance experienc and singing. If you give me a song or a script i will do my best to remember every single word.I am a team player. I will cut, and dye my hair if you told me to. You can dress me up in whatever.I write my owns songs and play a few instruments like : saxaphone,elec.bass guitar and drums.The types of dances that i can do are : African dacnces,hip-hop, tap,prasie dancing,and miming.Ive also been a cheerleader so im very felxible.

  65. Hi my name is Emily I’m thirteen years old and 5’4. I have brown eyes brown hair and fair skin. I have always wanted to act but I have little experience. My favorite thing to do is sing and all my friends and family say I have a beautiful voice. I live in Cortland County New York. Please reply back this is something I’ve always wanted to do.

  66. Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m 15 years old. I live in Miami, Florida. But I was born in Detroit, Michigan. Then moved to Lorain, OH. Then to soon after find myself in Miami. I love to sing and act. I want to pursue in acting more then anything. I’m very outgoing and always happy! I never give up at anything I want to do in my life. So I’m really hoping to become an actress. Acting to me doesn’t mean fame, money, and all that, honestly. I want to do this because and I love it and it makes me so happy. Anyways, I love to make others laugh, so I’m very friendly and I suppose a loving person! I take my acting serious. So I know when to joke around and when it’s down time! I pray to get some type of response from you guys. Honestly, thank you so much for taking time to read (hopefully) read this and at least considering. Have a wonderful day!
    Thank you again! :)

  67. Name….Jordan Sumiel
    Talents….I can rap, play drums, and act well
    Live………I live in Hague VA but can go to Richmond or even DC to perform
    About Me…..I am a funny outgoing person I have a great personality and would love to be on any show available I am not picky I just want a role and Nick is the perfect place I love all the shows figure it out, victorious icarly all of them PLEASE GIVE ME A GOOD ROLE I NEED MY BIG BREAK.

  68. hi my name is charisma im 11 yrs old and i really interested in singing on a show or acting if u would help me out and call me for more info i would really appreciated please please please i dont think im scared NUMBER:3365677891 please

  69. I really want to be part of this audition. im 14 years old. I’m light skin, dark brown hair, I love to act and sing and dance.I kind of short im 5,4. i really like you to choose me.

  70. Hey I’m Autumn. I’m 10 years old. I really want to be on Victorious.
    height…..4ft 8 1/2in
    eye color..brown
    hair color.dark brown

    I really like sports. I have one sibling. I will wear whatever ( mostly tomboy stuff). If you need pictures or any more info email me. Thank you.

  71. Im 15 yrs old and I would love to be on Victorious!
    Gender: Girl of course
    Talent: I love to sing I have an amazing voice
    Live: Ft. Worth TX.
    About me: I have the most beautiful Dimples ever and I never give up on anything I was raise to never quit
    Nick is a wonderful program and I love Victorious my voice is very
    Beautiful I can make my voice sound like who ever I want in thats not
    easy for some people but thanks for your time and E-mail me.
    Thank yuu :-)

  72. hi my name is melissa powell im 12 years old anim 4.4 foot i have blond hair , brown eyes i love to dance and act and i want to be a model it my dream to act or dance on tv my mam always wanted to do it but she died so noow im taking over for hair so pick me

  73. Hi my name is amber and I live in Danville il. I have two older sisters and a niece. I am 15 years old I love to act sing and just have fun around other people.

  74. Hi my name is demetrius lomax i am 13 years old i live in memphis tennessee i like to play drums dance sing play games ive stared in recent plays i was born june 20th 1999 i can play guitar i can play and lots of comercials i really want to be a disney channel actress for any show i love disneychannel and alwasys have evevysince i saw my first show i want to be on disneychannel because i love the shows and please contact me anyway and offer me please i would love to be on your shows thank you and again please pick me to be on anyshow.

  75. Hi. My name is Miranda and I am 13 years old. My birthday is November 2nd 1998. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would love to become an actress on a show or even a movie. I love to sing and write poetry. I do love to act but I have never really pursued it, but does not mean I do not have what it takes!
    -Love ‘N’ Peace-

  76. Hey everyone. My name is Kelsey and I am 13 years young.My birthday is 11-24-98. My height is about 5’5, and I have medium blonde hair and dark blue eyes. I am sort of pale and have a few freckles. I have always loved to act ever since I was about 2 or 3. I would always bug my mom about being an actress. In elementary school I took acting classes. I do not take them there anymore but I am always practicing and making up my own plays. I can play shy, dark, bi-polar, nerdy, or almost any type of character. I am not very shy or quiet, I love to be out there and perform. I am not the best singer but I think I could make up for that. I have been in a few school plays and I can really tell that I am meant to act. I get along with people well and people always say I am extremely funny. I think it would fun to be on victorious but the girls on there are my role models and it would be cool for maybe even me to be someone’s role model. I really hope you find something for me. Thank you for reading!

  77. Hi. I am Baylee, and I am a colorful, bubbly 9 year old and I’ve always wanted to be a actress. So now could be my time to shine! Although I’ve never had an acting experience. I live in Lemoore, California. I love to sing, dance, and just be me!! So I think I have what it takes to be on Victorious!

  78. Hi im Natalia I am 11 years old i would like to be a actress my parent and my granparents say that i am good at acting to im gonna go for what they say i think im good so i dont care about all the other haters. i just ignore them . i like to do comedy and a little bit of dramma . i reall hope the i will be an actress someday

  79. Hi my name is Bryanna and i love to sing and dance. I am 15 years old. I am a rezlly good singer and dancer. I had my first solo was 6 and I have been on a dance team. I am really nice and work well with others. I have done a few plays and musicals at my high school. I put my mind to what ever I do. I work really hard. I am very fun and out going I dont care about what anybody thinks of me. I really hope you will consider me for anything. Thank you for reading.

  80. Hello, my name is Paris Bright and I’m a female. I have brown eyes, I’m light skinned, and I’m 5 feet tall. I’m black, white, and native american. I have been a singer, a dancer, and an actor my whole life. I’m in a singing group with my cousins and we wrote our own songs. I would love to perform because I dont have stage fright and I’m very positive. I love to try new things and work with others. My birthday is August 5th and I’m 14 years old. I live with my grandparents and my cousin. I never give up I always try to do my best and succeed. My style is more girly and glamorous. I love to shop and wear heels. I would love to be on Victorious because the cast looks friendly and their are a lot of talented people on there. :)

  81. Hey, My Name Is Angela Prokop And I Am A Female. I Am 12 Years Old And I Was Born On May 13, 2000. I Have Brown And Brown Eyes. I Am White. I Am 5’6 And I Weigh 103 Pounds. Please Get Back To Me Soon. My Email Is Please Get Back To Me Soon. Bye.

  82. Hello my name is Jibri carr i am 14 years old and really i just want to be on a tv show on nickelodeon im 5’2 im african american i can sing,im really funny and you know most kids like me dont get this chance in a life time i might be lucky to get an audtion.
    But i have sickel cell but im gitting a cure for it so i wont have it anymore so if can get an audtion by september or october it’ll be great if you need to contact me or my mother just call this number.
    if your reading this thank you for your time

  83. Salut! (Hi in French! I went to France just recently with a travel organization so I learned some French, only little though….) but I’m Savy, not your regular 12 year old girl (turning 13 on September 3rd). And I’m not saying that because I think so, but because I’ve been told that. I’m really good at dancing (people say, at least) even though I haven’t had lessons for almost 4 years now. I’m told I’m an ok singer & I guess I am but I just sing for the fun of it, nothing else so I only know very few things about singing. I have light brown hair that I can curl into a pixie cut (??? I’m not good at hair stuff) or keep it down & it falls down to my jaw. I am an actress & I can act very good & I’ve been told before that I look like I’m going to go far with acting one day. I love to act because it can take me out of the person I am now & into someone new where I don’t have to worry about what is going on in my life, but in their’s. To be honest, I don’t care which TV show I’m in, I’ll be grateful even if I can show my face on TV for five seconds. I live in Georgia & have for my whole life, in the same, boring place. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame you for not reading this, just another 12 year old girl who wants to reach for the stars out of millionsnof others, but I am different from the others. Many people say that, but I MEAN it. Sure, I may seem like the crazy girl around, but I’m the girl with the dream & the courage to make it happen. Thanks for your time & to contact me: I am looking forward to this & have a grate day! Love, Savy!:)

  84. Hi,I’m Esmeralda I am 12 years old. I was born 10-28-99. I have Brown hair, Brown eyes, I’m 5ft. I’ve been told I’m a good singer I sang in a talent show and in a choir. I have never acted but if you give me a role and i can do my best and i also dance. I want to be in a show because i like to be around people and making people laugh. I’m a nice person I don’t like starting drama. I made a youtube account and it is kelly Anna Romero I haven’t uploade any videos yet because i just made it but my friend and i will uploead videos of us singing dancing and funny stuff. Also, im not a shy person sometimes i am but when you tell me to play my role and start working and you say action i will do what i am told to do. Oh i forgot something i am half cubab half mexican and full american. I dont want to be on t.v. for the fame i want to do it cause its been my dream since i was 4 and i love singing dancing and acting. Well i hope this described me well. You can contact me on facebook at buhbye. <3

  85. Hello, my name is Emily(taylor) goff, I’m 13 years old, 5’2 tall, I’m have dark brown hair, I would love to be on any of the show! I love singing & I’m also an actress! I’m up for anything, I’m bubbly get along with lots of people & just try to give everything a 100% I’m white, but I’m tan. My birthday is February 17 1999. I’m also really good at dancing I’ve dance for like 6 years, & this year will be my 7th. I live in Wilmington/ oak island NC. Please recommend me if you want to get up with me email me.

  86. Hi my name is umou im a 12 year old from spain my mom is from africa and my dad from holland but they brouk up but now i have the best dad ever.I allsow have a 1 year old brother and a 3 year old sister.
    When i was small kids allwas whatch me in a weard way but when i dance or i act i fell like im the queen of the worl i fell like some1 so there is y wanna be some 1 else than justa child.

  87. Hi,my name is De’ja,i am 13 years old I’m from FT.MITCHELL,AL. I can sing,act,and dance. Iwould love to be on the show victorious because i adore every actress/actor that plays on that show!I am like 5’8″ and i love to shop!I really hope that some how we could get in touch and you could maybe call me or something because being a singer/actor is my dream and i believe that that some dreams should be come true!,Thankyou for reading my response, i hope you like it and wish me good luck!

  88. Hi my name is Hanno.I come from SA.I have BLUE green eyes and brown hair.I can beatbox and I am a bboy and I do love rapping and singing and I LOVE NIC.I did a few plays before and I have backstage experiance.AnD I gym allot.And I can speak ENG AFR and more.I’m 16

  89. Hi, My name is Margot. I am 16(born 12 october 1995). I have blue eyes and brown hair. I am 5’1 tall. Unfortunataly i’m from Belgium, but my english is good ( my teacher said so). Ofcourse there is still my accent. I speak French, Dutch and english. My dream is to become an actress and I want to prove that a girl from Europe can make it in the US at 16. I love to act but I never took acting classes. I did some acting when i was 8 years old but that’s it. I hope you will send my an E-Mail (with some questions if necessary). I love degrassi and I think that it would be fun to be part of it, but any tv show is good. I hope that you will consider it and thank you.

  90. Hi, My name is Sarah. I am 14 years old and born march 16. I have brownish blackish hair. My height is 5,5. I am from Massachussetts but i am now living in Maryland. I am mostly Brazilian and American. But also Italian, english and many others. I love acting. Its one of the things nobody can stop me from doing.I love to make up funny plays with my neighbor and put them on for my parents and her parents and other neighbors. I have had a recent lead in a school play. I was Dakota Melody in the play called “Tied to the tracks!” It was really fun! I love to sing also. I sing kind of well. But i think i could do better.I have had a numerous amount of solos. once in 5th grade and 7th grade. And this passed school year i have lots of solos in the school play.I also play the drum set really well. I have whatched nick shows since i was little. I like the show called “Victorious” and “ICarly”. I hope you could e-mail me back.
    Thanks:), Sarah <3

  91. Name: Daniel Leon
    Date if birth: December 22, 1996, age 15
    Info: Hi, my name is Daniel, i em a teen who has wanted to be an actor since i was very little, i em athletic but i also put my time in music. I have practiced to play the guitar and sing for 5 years, and have played the drums for 3. I have acted for my school for a around 3 years and I’m not shy. My email address is if u want to email me for anything. Favorites colors are turquoise,blue,red and green. I’m tan with black hair and hazel eyes. Favorites foods are pretty much everything haha who does not like food. I really want to be an actor for Nickelodeon because it is my dream to be an actor and give it my 110% and more if i have it in me to be the best i can be, obviously that’s one of the most over played reasons out there but trust me I’m one of a kind and nobody is ever going to be like me. My hobbies are basketball, skateboarding, hanging out with friends/family, and watching some Nickelodeon. I live in Miami, Florida so i do a lot of swimming and running, I’M just one of those people who cant stand to be alone, i have to be with friends and doing something i like. Hairstyle i have a short hairstyle, hair type is curly/ wavy, i can have it longer or shorter if asked. I also know how to dance many types of music but pop is my favorite. I have some songs recorded so if u want me to email you one of them it is not trouble i also have some acts on video witch i could send to you. I’m easy to be around with and i know that dan schneider is a very funny guy and he can relate with me because i make a lot of jokes too. I will love to be in shows like victorious and icarly but i wouldn’t really mind any show. Favorite animal is the lion, wolf and dolphin. I’m a dog person but i could relate to cat sometimes, i have earrings but i can take them off anytime, during acting i don’t laugh unless someone else is so I’m one of those people that can make a take in the first try but I’m not one of those freaks that never laugh as i said i love telling jokes and people telling me jokes, i memorize lines very fast and remember them for a very long time. Any other questions for more info,pictures,videos please don’t hesitate to call me at 786-319-6072 or email me at

  92. my name is rebecca and i am 13 i am 5’2 my whole life i wanted to be sombody even though people always knock me down i am still going to try i have been in alot of my school plays i can play the flute i am very good at softball i make straight As i can sing a little not as good as some people but okay i can dance but only by a rutine and i learn really fast i am very athletic and fast i watch tv and look up to the people on it it would be a honor if i could work with u

  93. Hey,My name is Tia Mcfadyen
    Iam 13,14 in august and 15 next year and i’m from Glasgow.
    I have always wanted to be on Nickelodeon since i was 5 years old! i’m not shy and iam fully confident and iam now at the stage i know what i want for a career and it’s to come and be an Actress for you!x I love Acting,singing and dancing it makes me live in a world of my own where noone can destroy it.I play loads of different people like calamity jane,i can dance and sing like her if you asked me to!x
    What iam really asking is i want to come and Audition for Victorious!!xI watch the show every morning and i think to myself just one Great,special,magical,Amazing day i wish for to be an actress for your show.This is my Biggest wish and dream and i’m not afraid to put my dream in Action and make it shine!!xx Thanks for readingx,Hope you get back to me!

  94. born:9/8/98
    Hair:dirty fair sometimes i put different hair colours in my hairx
    eyes:green,i also wear contacts
    school:stonelaw high school,Glasgow
    drama:the citizens theatre
    i’m great to get along with,i friendly towards others,iam well behaved,i do as my told and i’m not shy and totally confident!
    sorry about all the questions,its just i want to be an Actress more than anything.
    Thanks again!x

  95. Name: Tedarius Hines

    Age: 15

    Height: 5’6

    Race: African American
    Im tedarius hines from memphis tennesse im a 10th grader that attends george washington carver high school im a great actor im in the drama club I have been acting for quite a while. Im good at reading telepromphs im also good at reading scripts and staying focused to the seen I could fit in any show icarly, victorious, true jackson vp, movies anything the best way to reach me is my email which is I check my email everyday and again im 5’6 ,135 ponds im not very big kinda slim but im cut black hair in the style of a mowhak but I can also wear it low in waves brown eyes and a voice that stands out and some of the things or a things that stands out on me is my nose haha anything else you wanna know email me.

  96. Race: African American
    Im tedarius hines from memphis tennesse im a 10th grader that attends george washington carver high school im a great actor im in the drama club I have been acting for quite a while. Im good at reading telepromphs im also good at reading scripts and staying focused to the seen I could fit in any show…icarly, victorious, true jackson vp, movies anything the best way to reach me is my email which is I check my email everyday and again im 5’6 ,135 ponds im not very big kinda slim but im cut black hair in the style of a mowhak but I can also wear it low in waves brown eyes and a voice that stands out and some of the things or a things that stands out on me is my nose haha anything else you wanna know email me.

  97. HI my name is alondra and iam 12 years old and i was born 2000 july 6. i like shows on nickilodeon and i see other peaple show their talent and i wounder i will ever get to that my talent is singing i love singing.Every talent show there was at school i auditioned and i made it and every time,at the end everyone would come up to me and say can i have ur autograph and ill be like sure and then theyll tell my parents will be the first ones to get their autograph when she gets famous so everyy day i look online to see if i can audition for anything so i was hoping u can give me a chance.

  98. Hi i’m 14 years old and i want to be an actress/singer more than anything, just like my idol, selena gomez. I’m not very experienced although i did go to theatre schools when i was younger and i am willing to do anything to get onto a tv show.
    I was born on the 22nd of may 1998.
    i live in gravesend, kent, england, but i would be willing to travel anywhere if i got a part.
    i love watching nickelodeon shows and disney channel, please contact me by email if you are interested.

  99. Im samantha im 14 ive been performing solos since 4th grade im 14 im sophmore i have brown hair im 5″5 tan skin brown eyes curly hair Ive been in musicals and plays i have a bubbly personality and i hope i could be on victorious im not shy i love to sing and act.

  100. Hey I’m Liz I live in California and I’m 11 years old!I LOVE WATCHING Victorious! My dream is to be on Victorious because this show is all about singing with passion, believe in yourself,have faith in you, and to believe in your dreams. I LOVE to sing, singing is the only thing that speaks to me. I LOVE acting when you act you say your lines with feeling and. I’ve been in a few school plays.In my entire life I’ve never been of t.v. before with famous actors. I would LOVE to sing with famous actress Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.I think I have a great personality for this humorous show. Plus I think I should play for one episode Tori’s little cousin Scarlet visits Tori because she wanted hang out with her like they both did when they little or I could play Beck’s little sister for a two part one hour episode Beck’s sister Anabelle comes and visits Beck to celebrate her 12th birthday, every year Beck forgets his sister’s birthday, suddenly Beck got in a fight with Anabelle, so she runs away and Anabelle says she will never forgive Beck for doing this

  101. Davion Darey 04/10/1999 Gender:Male Race:African-American Height:6’1/4″ Weight:150.2 Waist:30 Shoe Size:12Pants Length:38 It would be an amazing opportunity to be on Nickelodeon.Iam from Detroit,Michigan.I live at home with my mother and 6 siblings.I want to have a chance to show my face in front of millons of people whether they watch me or not to be an idol to kids showing that they can do anything no matter who you are PLEASE AUDITION ME I CAN BRING LIFE TO TV SHOWS For Any Information regardingthis Feel Free to email me or contact me on Facebook@ Davion Darey Thanks for reading this when you did not have to

  102. Hi! I’m Melissa (Duh!) I am part hispanic, I have brown hair, brown eyes, I’m around 5 foot 4. I am a girl, I’m going to be 13 in early Spetember. I have good grades, (Mostly A’s and some B’s) I go to a private school, and I have been in two school plays, I have had acting classes and I have been singing for almost a year. I am told I can go into most charecters fairly easily. Thanks! Luv always!

  103. Hi my name is Angela I have redishBrown hair and eyes and 4″11. listen..I don’t care if this doesn’t matter to you but I am a fan of victorious I think that I could act like Jades little sister thats 13 and goes to the school.I do sing and if you contact I could sing for you but I would love to play someone I don’t care who it is.
    Mine was just a sugestionbut if you could take your time to read this. I am very thankful.

    ~Angela Cholewa

  104. hi my name is cameia and acting is my life i have even cried for this this is what i desire i have brown hair sandy red in the sun i am 11 i weight 103 i am crazy about acting and if you pickked me you wont go wrong because when my mind is depended on something i stay to it no madder what and i am lot of fun even when im sick pls pls pls pls pick me it would mean the world if i am willing to leave my family behide the people i have stayed my whole life with i think you know i am crazy in love like edward and bella in love with acting

  105. Hi my name is Lulu I have watched nick since I was 4 and i have loved it. right now im 13 and i hope to be on one of your shows like BTR, Icarly, Victorias, true jackson VP, tuff puppy, Penguins of madigascar.
    I hope to be on one of the shows it’s a major dream. I can act I work well with others and im really fun

  106. I am really good at playing dumb and confused a lot of my friends say i could be a good actor. I am 5’1 , i have brown hair and brown eyes as well i have always dreamed of being of T.V. I am really good at paying attention, i am 13 by the way. I like to have fun , I am one of those girls that hate just sitting around and not doing anything. I always have to be talking to someone HAHA!! HOPE YOU GUYS GIVE ME A CALL , I’LL BE WAITING 😉

  107. hi my name is ocia dillon(female) i am from guyana but i live in trinidad . i am 14 years old my birthday is on november 18th i would like to be an actress on any show. you know what’s the funny thing about almost every teen wants to be on tv actin well u name it but not much as i do … do u people know what it feels like to called a nobody i wanna show them i am somebody in my life so many things i go through in my life … n i wanna show some people i ocia olivia jewel hosiah obadiah dillon is good at something in her life… no one in my generation was a tv star or nothin so i wanna be the first somethin :) email me meet me on facebook ocia dillon (babalo) add me n i will tell you my life story…. please pick mi so i can change my life!!

  108. Hey, my name is Liz, I am 15 years old and I love acting! I also sing, I have been accepted in singing groups since I was in 6th grade, which was also the first time I tried out. I live in Jerome, Idaho(83338). I have strawberryblond hair, hazil/blue eyes, and lots of freckles. I weight 122lbs and I’m 5’9″ and almost done growing. I have been in 17 plays(they have only been smalltown plays but my most recent one was called Seussical Jr(by Dr. Seuss) and I played the roll Sour Kangaroo. I also played Dorothy in Wizard of Oz when I was 13. I have a big amount of confidence and nearly NEVER get stage fright. I love being in from of a camera and I sing BIG and loud when needed. I also can sing soft. Thank you in advance!:)

  109. Hey! My Name is Lauryn. I am 13 years old and I love to sing and act. I’ve been in 3 plays all of my life but they were very simple. I am 4″11, I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and mixed skin color. I have a happy attitude at all times and I absolutely love being at school (wierd right?). I have a webcam just in case if I ever have to audition through the web. I love Nickelodeon and all it’s shows. I have always wanted to become in the Nick cast and meet the crew. I have over 5 different voices for cartoons and regular shows. The characters I have created are Sally- The Farm Girl, Deutch- The Shy Girl, Brucey- The tough biker dude, Carla- The happiest girl ever, and *my fav* Sasha- The girl who sings everything says. Well that is my background and I hope I am nominated for anything possible. Thanks in advance! =D

  110. I think that is should be a actor because i have wanted this all my life and if you don’t let me i will understand and if you do thank you so much.I just hope you let me try out.

  111. i really want to take time and say that i would really like to be part of the nick family! and i would really love to work with dan schneider and everybody in the crew and cast of the nickelodeon shows!
    i am 18 years old and i have long dark brown hair, brown eyes and something about me is that i love to dance and act! i was in the Del Rio High School Dance company for 2 years and i would really like to act in front of a million people making them laugh and smile!! especially my family!
    Please i really hope i hear from you!! (:
    im from Del Rio, TX. and i’m 5’1

  112. Hi my name is Mycah

    Age: 12
    Birth: August 25,2012
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown

    I love to act and sing and dance. I dont care what show I i would be on (if i make it). Im a funny down to earth person. At first im very shy but i ease out of it and im very easy to get along with. I would love to get picked. I have had experience with movies before. And i have also modeled. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

  113. I’m Kasie, 12 years old 13 on December 6th (1999), I have long dark blond hair (Everyone says it’s brown but I say it’s blond because I had blonde when I was little) love to act, sing, dance. If I was on Nickelodeon I would scream so loud! It’s the only channel I watch! love it so much! Nathalia Ramos is my idol :)

  114. Im Abbie and i love to act that is all i have ever wanted to do, i want to be an actor i live in Huddersfield i am 13 and my birthday is on 4th september i really wish my dreams would come true and get to be an actor thats all i really want to do !!

  115. Name: Kasie Leanne Rose-Porteous.
    Age: 12, 13 on December 6th (1999).
    Hair: Long dark Blond (people say it’s light brown but I had Blond when I was little so I say it’s dark Blond).
    Eyes: I have big green eyes (people say they love my eyes).
    Lips: I have kind of big lips.
    Height: About 5 ft 5 ish.
    Things I’m good at: I sing, act, dance, learning to play guitar and teaching myself at the same time as well as piano, I also model too.
    idols: Nathalia Ramos (She was in HOA) Taylor Swift (singer) Ariana Grande (Victorious)
    If I got a call from you would be screaming but be so happy that i would have a chance with you! t would be amazing!
    My Twitter is @ABigNatFan
    Hope you see this :)

  116. Name: Tanya Rivero
    Age: 10,turning 11 October 20 (2001) .
    Hair: Long dark Blond,
    Eyes: I have big blue ocean eyes.

    Height: 5ft1
    Things I’m good at: I sing, act,learning to play guitar and teaching myself at the same time as well as piano, I also model too.
    idols: Selena Gomez(singer) Demi Lovato(Singer) Ariana Grande (Victorious)
    I have been trying to become a singer and actress forever.It would be amazing to get a call,

    • Height:5,2. Things i like/do:laccrose,basketball,football,airsoft,school,tvhang out with friends,to learn to acrt/ act. Idols:Nathan chrest(freddie),spongebob,and Maranda cosgrove. I have blue eyes some people say i have puppy eyes. Hair: dirty blond / dark blond.

  117. Im Abbie, I’ve been acting for about 8 years…I’ve sang for talent shows and been judged for it truly. They loved it. I’m really good at drama and I love acting and sometimes like to over do it. I’m really good at comedy shows as if my character was funny and lovable….. I’m 5’5.5″ almost 5’6″…. I’m 14 and very lovably and only want to be famous for what I love,,,,not what others think…I will never give up on my dream….thanks for reading!

  118. Hello,
    Are you looking for someone older than 18? I am nineteen (just missed the mark!). I’m currently in college working on a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and a degree in Spanish with a minor in Theater. I will most likely go on to receive my master’s in Children’s Entertainment. I have obtained a lot of television and radio work and I also write folk music when I find the time.

    To view one of my earlier television gigs, please follow this link:

    To hear my singing voice and an original song I wrote, please follow this link:

    Physically I am 5’4″ and weigh 116 pounds. My hair is currently light brown because the summer just ended, but it is usually dark. I have hazel eyes and a wide smile. I live a very clean and active life.

    Since I already have my high school diploma and an associate’s degree, I will be easier to work with legally, but I am still young enough to look as if I am in high school if needed. I also know how to play the electric bass.

    The closest major city to me is New York.

    Thank you for reading this,

  119. Hi, my is yashna for short yash
    Am 15 and am gonna be 16th this year i want to be in the nickelodeon show since i was 10
    I try alot of things to get in nickeldeon show
    It was my dream to get in it before am 16th
    Please make my dream come true i beg you i will do any show that you will put me in
    I will obey your words and i will repect you please add me in your show
    Thank you sir/ma’m…..
    I was born 30/09/1997
    I’ll be Delight if you take me

  120. Hiyya im 14 natural blonde but dyed brown ish ginger. I dont actually know why im posting this as i live in england and am unable to ever get to america as my family believe i need a more ‘practicle’ job.. But i go to the northern academy of performing arts and i take drama, singing, danceing, and musical theatre. Ive been performing all my life and i love it as i can be myself with it. I love victorious and wish i could go to a place like hollywood arts someday! Im really just posting this to get recognised somewhere, somehow by someone xxxxx

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