Nickelodeon Auditions 2016

What to Expect During Nickelodeon Auditions 2015?

Many parents would like to see their child to become part of one of the top rated shows in Nick.  Therefore many awaits the talent searches which the network conducts yearly.

If this is the first time for your child to audition, then you should be aware of the different tips and guidelines in order to be successful in auditions 2015.

Actors said that acting in TV is more challenging compared to big screen. So if you want your child to nail the auditions 2012, then long preparation is needed. Some are born with an innate talent of acting, while others don’t really seem to excel in that field. But if you already plan ahead for the future of your child to become a famous actor, then begin the process of chasing that dream by enrolling him in an acting lesson.

In addition, getting affiliated with acting agencies is also an advantage. Sometimes talent scouts make visits on acting workshops in search for the next big star. You never know if your child might be selected.

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Enrolling in acting classes however can be expensive, and that luxury are not appropriate for an averaged income family. But you can still hone the skills of your child by engaging him into school plays or community theaters. It is also one way to get familiar with the culture of acting.

The schedule and way of announcement for auditions 2015 varies. Nationwide announcement is made if they needed lots of cast to fill in. But if they are very particular with what they are looking for, they usually conduct silent announcements by collaborating with agencies.

Dress your child appropriately during auditions 2015.

Since many parents like you are aspiring to see their child on TV, expect many people during the day of auditions 2013. And never forget to accompany your children if they are below 18 years old.

Don’t forget to bring snacks with you since you and your child will be waiting for long hours.

During the actual auditions 2013, your child may be asked to perform a monologue (so make sure you have prepared him for this) or may be instructed to read a script. When it’s your child’s turn, don’t be a stage parent. Let the directors do the directing and not you.

Auditions 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

If you received a call back, that means that the directors are really considering your child for the role. So make sure that he is well prepared next time he faces the directors.

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Are schedules for auditions 2015 also announced online?

Yes. There are some websites who specializes in announcing casting calls or auditions. You can also check the Nickelodeon official website from time to time.

What are the requirements for auditions 2015?

A resume that includes all pertinent information about acting experience. A brief cover photo. And 1 head shot photo and 1 full body photo. Try to bring two copies of these during the date of auditions 2015 just to make sure in case you need a spare.                                                                                                                                                                                     Fame

Are there any fees to try out for auditions 2015?   No. All legal Nickelodeon Auditions 2015 are free.


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  1. Hello,
    my name is Selena and I am 16 years old. I was born in Los Angeles, but when I was 7 years old we moved to Germany, where I took a lot of acting lessons and I’m part of a german Agency. Now that I’m in the United States again, I’d love to go for auditions. I got a lot of acting experience and I can get into every role and play it convincingly.

    Thank you.

  2. hi i am patrick quinn i will love to be part of nick because i always watch it and its my dream to be on it i am 11 and i am a boy thanks for giving me a chance if you do send an email back.

  3. Hi my name is Cody I would really like to be on nickelodeon cartoons and tv shows and I am very interested in film, tv, and cartoons I am 18 and I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. If you need me my email is or reach me on my cell phone. My number is 219-241-2154 thank you and I appreciate your time.

  4. Hi, my name is Karis, I am currently 13. I would like to audition for the voice of a cartoon character, preferably one from a show made by Michael Dante. I would like it best if the auditions were in or near Alabama. You can contact me by Email at Please respond.

  5. ZMy son is the cutest big hazel eyed boy. He is sixyears old. And very smart and funny. He is a very active child.and i was thinking to have him do.something he loves. So if anyone is interested please contact meat or call me at 313 915 8964 thank you.

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