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Nickelodeon Animation Studios really are fascinating.

They have put out so many great shows and continue to entertain the world with their shows. There is a bunch of good information on at their page about Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

You can find some pictures of the studio and a list of many of their shows as well as some information on their history and location. really is turning out to be a great resource that you should check out. You can also learn about Disney and many other great entertainment options.

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Nickelodeon Open Casting Calls Audition 2013

Nickelodeon Open Casting Calls

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Ever wonder about being part of a major television show or sitcom? How about showing up on one of your favorite shows like True Jackson VP,  or iCarly? What about making a big splash on the new and upcoming Victorious? Make it real when you get a shot at a casting call.

Nickelodeon auditions and casting calls like this are rare since they already have great talent to choose from. Rumor has it that Nickelodeon will be launching a huge nationwide casting call with several major cities planned.  The cities that expected to be included are Altanta and continue from there. Boys and girls, ages 12 – 18 can all audition for the chance of a life time to appear on television and maybe become the star that you already are!

it’s likely that Nickelodeon will also go to Austin, TX and Miami, FL. Probably more and maybe your city too.

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Nickelodeon Open Casting Calls