Wendell And Vinnie On Nick – Meet Wendell

Wendell And Vinnie On Nick – Meet Wendell Nickelodeon Auditions


There is a lot of bio data on various actors who are on Nickelodeon. You can learn about who they are and what roles they play. But there is a lot less data about how the audition process went and why they got the part. How were they so lucky at the Nickelodeon Audition? Was there something special about the audition process, or were they just at the right place at the right time.

Here you can get a little bit of info on Wendell. See if you can spot some trends about why his Nickelodeon Audition went better than more. Check out the rest of our website and see if you can begin to spot trends about actors and their auditions. I bet you will become a pro quickly and be able to generate a list of ideas that will help you in your audition process. Remember to look for things that would make them stand out to a casting agent.

From the Nick Show Wendell and Vinnie, Wendell is the kid who is incredibly intelligent kid, but this kid is also very proud of his favorite high-minded hobbies and he doesn’t mind sharing that with you. Do you think he prefers Scrapbooking over of Little League? Most Definitely. How about a Political discussion vs. watching cartoons? Absolutely! Wendell is quite optimistic and literally proud of his own uniqueness. While that is the case, he is still willing to give a go at new things, which includes the hilarious task of raising his uncle!

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