voice acting jobs

Voice Acting Jobs

Do you have an exquisite voice quality? Are you capable of changing the tone of your voice without difficulty? Does anyone ever told you that your voice is mesmerizing? If you answered yes to all of these questions then start contemplating about your career path and explore voice acting jobs.

What are Voice Acting Jobs?

voice acting jobs

The talented voices behind feature films, radio programs, animated films, video games, some television programs, and voice overs on amusement parks are all product of voice acting jobs.

The people working on voice acting jobs are called voice actors/actresses, voice talent, or voice artists. Aside from dubbing, one of their skills also include singing. Voice talents use different devices for recording which is played back by a computer.

Voice acting jobs requires a lot of talent since actors are depending only on the intonation of their voice to make a believable acting scene.

Preparation for voice acting jobs starts the same  way for other acting professions. The first thing every aspiring voice talents should know is mastering the craft itself starting out with community theaters, school productions, or by hiring a private voice acting coach.

Since voice actors rely on their voice to produce realistic story, it is important that they embody and internalize the characters well. This is they reason why some voice actors mime actions of their characters during recording which usually happens in animated films.

There are courses that specialize in voice acting which also includes copy writing and script interpretation. Graduating form these courses is an extra when applying to voice acting jobs.

Since voice actors are unseen, you may wan’t to create a signature voice so listeners will easily remember you. And in each recording, make sure that you give the best voice you can. Accents are also a plus, so start practicing different accents you encountered – French, British, Australian, etc.

You can also read books or visit websites that offers tips in how to become a talented voice actor.

voice acting jobsThe more you practice the more chances you have in landing voice acting jobs. It’s better to start first on local level, this will give you experiences that will train and improve your existing talent. Work as a disk jockey, or ask your local television production for any available voice acting jobs. You can also start by making promotional announcements in malls or grocery shops. If you have more experiences as a local voice talent, it will be easier for you to make voice acting careers on professional level.

On the day of audition,make sure that you are ready. You should have a prepared script that will showcase your different voice skills to impress everyone. Listen very carefully to the instruction being given to you. You will be given few minutes to practice in a soundproof booth.

If you want to go for big career opportunities, then explore the big cities. They offer lots of voice acting jobs for aspiring voice actors that pays well compared to salaries on local level.



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  1. Hello.
    I’m not even sure it’s a right place to write..sorry if it isn’t.
    but..here we go.

    My name is Valerie Antropova, I’m 15 [will be 16 in September] years old, I live in London, UK. I’m Russian, but I speak English, and a little bit German.
    I was into voice acting for quite some time [since 5th April 2011].
    my goal and dream is to become a voice actor, and present children of any age, and adults too, new movies, in which I would be. Well, at least my voice. I think decent voice acting is the 2nd important thing in animated movies after qualitative animation. In movies, as far as I remember, I would always draw my attention to voice acting the most. Voices are just the most wonderful thing we have.

    I attended some drama lessons [I had some at school, until the our drama teacher left, so…], I think I was there for 5 weeks [2 lessons a week]. I leart nothing new. So I am fully self-taught.

    In general, I enjoy voice acting in my spare time, but lack of money doesn’t allow me to buy a better microphone. but it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I can still voice act.

    anyways, here’s my e-mail, just in case…
    also, my channel on YouTube [I upload new videos almost everyday]: http://www.youtube.com/user/RaitaFoxy13?feature=mhee

    Thank you.

  2. Hi! My name is Joanna Collier. I’m 19 years old, I live in southern maryland and I’ve always wanted to do voice acting in movies, voice overs, radio. I feel like I have a nack for it, when it comes to voices overs for foriegn films I thought my voice had a certian tone and for voical animation in movies or television series I have made it my mission in life to make silly, crazy voices that didn’t sound like my normal voice exspeically when I was entertaining childern. I know I don’t have a lot of expreience but I have enough raw expreince to bring something new. I have taking some acting classes at my college and I have performed in my local theatre production.
    here is my email just in case… rlcollier214@comcast.net
    Please, give me a chance because acting is my dream and you won’t regret in contacting me for any job opportunity.
    -Sincerely, Joanna Collier

  3. Hello,
    Are you looking for someone older than 18? I am nineteen (just missed the mark!). I’m currently in college working on a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and a degree in Spanish with a minor in Theater. I will most likely go on to receive my master’s in Children’s Entertainment. I have obtained a lot of television and radio work and I also write folk music when I find the time.

    To view one of my earlier television gigs, please follow this link:

    To hear my singing voice and an original song I wrote, please follow this link:

    I have also been featured on over ten radio commercials and have had my own college radio show. (sussex.edu/wsccc)

    Physically I am 5’4″ and weigh 116 pounds. My hair is currently light brown because the summer just ended, but it is usually dark. I have hazel eyes and a wide smile.

    Since I already have my high school diploma and an associate’s degree, I will be easier to work with legally, but I am still young enough to look as if I am in high school if needed. I also know how to play the electric bass.

    The closest major city to me is New York.

    Thank you for reading this,

  4. Hi, my name is Carrie iv always dreamed of doing voice acting for cartoons and movies but i really dont know how to do that. iv been working on doing voices and the only voice im really proud of right now is my Gir imitation. i really want to know how i could try to accomplish my dream thank you.

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